Trusted Sod Products



Pallets are popular for residential customers. Each pallet has 168 pieces that are 16 inches by 24 inches. One pallet will cover exactly 450 square feet or 50 square yards.

Rolls - 30" or 42"

Rolls come in 30 inches or 42 inches wide by 109 feet long. It requires a special roll-installer machine. Thirty-inch rolls contain 30 square yards of sod. Forty-two-inch rolls contain 42 square yards.

Delivery For Residential & Commercial Customers

T&R Sod Farms is equipped with lifts to unload and deliver directly to you. A full load can carry 1,000 square yards. Delivery fees are based on location.

At Farm Pick-Up

T&R is happy to load sod for our customers at our sod farm at no additional cost to you. Most half-ton trucks can carry one 50 yard pallet.
All orders for pick up and delivery must be scheduled in advance. Contact us at (256-)366-5454 or (256) 729-1000.